The Favorites: Free Recipes!

After baking MANY granola bars I've picked a variety of favorites to share - you will love baking (some no bake) these yummy on-the-go snacks! 

Wake up with a Mocha Java Bar to get you going, snack on a Power Packed Granola Bar to keep your energy up in the afternoon then relax with a Double Chocolate Chunk Bar (pretty much a cake/brownie!) after dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth!  The best part is that these recipes were developed to provide nutritious calories free from added preservatives and empty fillers. 

Please let me know which ones are your favorite!  And if you have ANY questions please email me at and we'll chat :)

You can save these on your phone or download and print them off!  Scroll past recipes for instructions.

Feel free to share these with friends and family and print off as many as you'd like!  I've printed off a bunch on really nice matte postcard paper that you can order with your Granola Bar™ Pan or by themselves.  The front has the recipe and the back has the caloric AND nutritional information - because I believe that knowing the nutrition of food is just as valuable (if not more valuable) than knowing the calories!

To order a physical hard copy of these recipes click here:

Without further adieu...

Save To Phone: press and hold on recipe - select Download Image.  You may also try double tapping or take a screen shot of the recipe if the other ways don't work for you.

To Print Off From PC:  Right click on the recipe - save image as - name the file and press save - the file will download or save to your computer.  Open up the file and print.  It will print one recipe on an entire piece of paper so the text is easier to read.  


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