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Please email me directly at or fill out the form below.

I check my email every day and I'm usually able to respond within a couple business days.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!

Also, I LOVE customizing granola bar recipes for those with food allergies or special nutritional needs! As long as I have the time I provide this service for free!  If you'd like a custom recipe please include the following in your message:

1) List ALL food allergies including if you're allergic to coconut.

2) List Top Three flavors you like, ie: chocolate, cinnamon, chocolate chip, banana etc.

3) List any flavors or textures you definitely don't like, ie: coconut, banana, chocolate etc.

4) Do you have a preference of baked or no bake granola bars?

With answers to these questions I can get a jump start on creating the perfect custom recipe!