Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Granola Bar™ Pan?
The Granola Bar™ Pan is like a cupcake pan but designed for granola bars. The pan has 12 individual cavities to bake, refrigerate or freeze homemade granola bars.
What is the Granola Bar™ Pan made of?
The Granola Bar™ Pan is made out of FDA approved and LFGB (the German "Foods, Consumer Goods and Feedstuffs Code") approved 100% food-grade silicone.  Our silicone is tested and passes BOTH standards: FDA and LFGB - yeah, we are serious about our pure silicone!  The LFGB standard is more strict and requires the silicone to be even more pure than FDA approved silicone. Silicone that meets/passes LFGB testing is more expensive but health and safety are very important to us.
What does the FDA standard and the LFGB standard mean?
Simply put, the FDA standard and LFGB standard designates that a silicone product is safe for human use.  Products are tested using different environments and methods to check the purity of the silicone.  Only when specific levels of purity are met will the silicone product be considered safe for human use.  The LFGB standard is stricter and harder to pass than the FDA standard.  
Is the Granola Bar™ Pan FREE of BPA/BPS, Phthalates and PVC?
Yes, Yes and Yes!  Because the pan is made of 100% food grade silicone and NOT plastic, the Granola Bar™ Pan does NOT contain any of those harmful chemicals!  Yay!
Are there fillers added to the silicone?
There are absolutely NO FILLERS in the Granola Bar™ Pan.  We only use 100% silicone to make our pans!  We care about health and safety so we chose to not include cheap fillers.    
In our research we found that some companies will add fillers to their silicone to decrease the cost of the end product, but that also decreases the quality of the silicone and depending on the filler used it could affect the safety of the item by causing the filler material to leach out onto the food.  Sure, fillers cost less but it is not worth it to us. 
So fillers - just 100% pure silicone!  We use the Granola Bar™ Pan ourselves and we wanted the best - we knew customers would also want the best!
Why do you offer an orange color and clear color?
Some of our customers like their products as natural as possible so we decided to invest more money and get the clear option, no colorant added, as well as the original color orange.  We are obsessed with both colors so we understand if you find it difficult to choose between the two!
Does the clear (no color) pan retain stains after washing?
An old trick actually "bleaches" stains from ingredients right out of the pan with no harsh chemicals - after washing, place the pan out in direct sunlight for the afternoon and the sun will "sun bleach" the stains right out.  Place in sun longer if needed.  We have found that it is not necessary to "sun bleach" the clear (no color) pan after every use - only after baking bars that contain strong colorants such as turmeric, pumpkin puree or strong natural food dyes.  Tip: you can also use the "sun bleaching" trick for the silicone ring on your pressure cooker, your silicone baking liners and even stains on clothing!
What are the dimensions?
Pan Size: 13.5" x 7.5" x 1" Weight: 232g (8.2 oz)
Each Cavity Size 1.5" x 4" & 1" deep
How is it different from a normal baking pan?
Most granola bar recipes call for metal or glass 9x13 or 8x8 pan to bake or refrigerate the mix.  You should line the pan with wax paper and spray the surface with non-stick spray.  After the mix is done baking or refrigerating, the mix is cut up into serving sizes. The Granola Bar™ Pan does not require the granola bars to be cut up since the pan is designed with 12 individual cavities. We designed the cavities to have similar dimensions as traditional granola bars: rectangular in shape with dimensions about 1.25” x 3.75”. Plus, since it's silicone, the granola bars simply pop right out!  No need for liners or sprays to make sure your bars don't stick to the pan!
How is it different from other silicone baking pans?
Some silicone bakeware pans have “fillers” added to make the product less expensive, but we DO NOT add fillers. We use FDA and LFGB approved 100% food-grade silicone. LFGB is a higher standard that originated in Germany and is used to identify silicone that passes the stricter standards.  We have also designed the Granola Bar™ Pan to be sturdy and much less floppy than other silicone bake ware because floppy silicone is hard to handle.  No need to place the GBP on cookie sheet to bake - but we do recommend using two hands to move the pan to and from the oven/refrigerator.  Lastly a more obvious difference from other silicone baking pans is the Granola Bar™ Pan has rectangle cavities specifically designed for granola bars.  While you can definitely make things other than granola bars in the GBP it is designed with granola bar dimensions/needs in mind.  
What's the highest temperature I can bake it in?
Can I put the pan in the freezer?
Yes! Some recipes call for the freezer. For baked granola bars it is important to allow the bars to cool completely before removing them from the pan. After removing the baked bars from the oven we let the pan cool on the counter-top for 3 minutes, then we place the whole pan in the freezer on a flat surface and allow the bars to cool in the freezer. After 30 minutes, we pull out the pan, stretch the sides of the pan to release the edges of the bars and then the bars can be easily removed.
Can I wash it in a dishwasher?
Absolutely! Just place it on the top rack and wash as you normally would.
How do I store it?
Most people store the pan nestled in with other pans. We also designed the pan with three holes so you have options on how to hang it in your kitchen. A convenient spot for the hook and pan is on the inside of a cupboard door. We recommend hooks with the hook tip no bigger than 1/4”.
Why orange?
Orange is a balance of red (energy) and yellow (happiness) which just so happens to represent health — we hope to inspire people to make small changes to create a healthier, happier life for themselves and their loved ones. Plus orange stands out among the other products in your kitchen!
Where can I find recipes?
Every Granola Bar™ Pan includes 7 free recipes in the form of a PDF download.  You must provide your email address when ordering so we know where to send your free recipes to.  If you prefer a hard copy either print out the ones we email you OR order hard copies for a small charge and we will send you large postcard size recipe cards.  To order the hard copies of the 7 different recipes go to the products page, add the hard copies to your order and complete the transaction.       
What other things can I make with the Granola Bar™ Pan?
Doggie Granola Bars! We are currently working on developing nourishing granola bar recipes for dogs of all ages. Never considered baking for your pet? It's easier than you might think and your pet will go nuts over these "treats". You can also hide medications for your dog in the doggie granola bars as directed by your veterinarian. Other uses include: dessert bars, brownies, cookie bars and even flavored ice cubes for infused water.
How do I store my bars after I make them?
We have found it best to remove the bars from the pan and store them in an airtight bag or container. The dimensions of the bars were designed so that the bars will fit in common “snack size” plastic baggies and in most kids "Bento" style lunch boxes.
When will I get my order(s) for the Granola Bar™ Pan?
After ordering your pans please allow 1-2 business days for fulfillment then additional time for shipping.  For more information about shipping please refer to our Shipping Policy located in the blog.  
If you have any other questions please check out our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterst @granolabarpan or email us at  Thank You!

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