PRE-ORDER Granola Bar™ Press - for use with the Granola Bar™ Pan

PRE-ORDER Granola Bar™ Press - for use with the Granola Bar™ Pan

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Now pressing granola bar mix into the Granola Bar™Pan just got even easier!

PRE ORDER: these presses are available for pre orders only and items will be fulfilled and shipped within two weeks of ordering. If you have any questions email Catrina at

How To Use:

Simply dip the press in water (or coconut oil) and press the mix into each cavity of the the Granola Bar™ Pan.

It's so easy and really allows for a good, even compaction of the mix so the bars stick together even better!


Why The Press Is Super Useful:

Many granola bar recipes require pressing the mix into the pan so that the different ingredients can smash together and stick together. The Press allows the user to get an evenly compacted bar in one pressing motion.


What The Press Is Made Of:

The Press is made of natural bamboo wood and conditioned with a high end oil that is derived from coconuts. It does NOT smell like coconuts though.

If you don't want your bamboo wood press preconditioned simply email me after you order and I'll send you one that does not have the wood conditioner on it.


How We Make Them:

We cut the bamboo wood ourselves, sand it down nice and smooth, treat it with the wood conditioner then attach the handle. Every press is patiently created by my husband and I. 


Got Questions? Feel free to email me at