Granola Bar™ Pan: Clear (No Color) - Out of Stock
Granola Bar™ Pan: Clear (No Color) - Out of Stock
Granola Bar™ Pan: Clear (No Color) - Out of Stock
Granola Bar™ Pan: Clear (No Color) - Out of Stock
Granola Bar™ Pan: Clear (No Color) - Out of Stock
Granola Bar™ Pan: Clear (No Color) - Out of Stock

Granola Bar™ Pan: Clear (No Color) - Out of Stock

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There is a significant demand for the clear pans & I appreciate that many of you have contacted me personally asking about when they will be back in stock...

Short Answer:⁠
It will likely be about 3+ months because I do not currently have an order in with my manufacturer.⁠


I am planning on doing a Pre-Order Sale! 🥳⁠

I'll launch a short crowdfunding campaign so it's easy to share and spread the word.⁠

(To be notified of the Pre-Order Sale join the mailing list!)

I'll use the funds from the campaign plus what I've got saved up from the current sales in order to place the next order!⁠

I'm super excited and pumped to get more in stock for you all!!!⁠

🥰 I sincerely appreciate your support & efforts to spread the word about the Granola Bar Pan - it really is because of YOU that this is building & growing!!! Thank YOU!!!⁠

The Granola Bar™ Pan is like a cupcake pan but designed for granola bars - within minutes you'll have GORGEOUS homemade granola bars!

  1. Fill each cavity with the granola bar mix of your choice
  2. Bake, refrigerate or freeze
  3. Pop out 12 perfectly shaped granola bars!

It really is SUPER easy!!!

Take comfort in knowing what ingredients are in your homemade granola bars!

Save money by making your own energy bars, diet bars & nutrition bars.

Find peace of mind by making bars for those who have food allergies! It's overwhelming & expensive to find allergy free snacks, so we know you will LOVE using the GBP to make your own. We hear from customers all the time about how they LOVE making SAFE granola bars for their family!!!

Address health needs by making customized granola bars to fit your families nutritional needs. For example, kids need more fiber? Instead of medicine make some granola bars with flaxseed meal for added fiber. We have a very popular FREE recipe specifically for this!

And the GBP is not just for granola bars! We have customers telling us how they use their pans for Banana Bread, Cookie Bars, Brownie Bars...even Egg Casserole and Meatloaf! What fun ideas will you come up with?

And we are here to support you! Follow us on social media, message us, email us - have questions, need more recipe ideas?  We're happy to offer our time to get you started out right!

What delicious granola bars & snacks will you make? You'll be known as a granola bar expert & people will be asking for your recipes!!!

Here's What You Get:

- One (1) Granola Bar™ Pan

- Seven (7) Digital Recipe Cards - MUST OPT IN WITH EMAIL ADDRESS when checking out so we can email these recipe cards to you.

- Support to get you started and feel inspired!!! Don't be shy - connect with us on social media, message us or email us with questions or share your successes with us so we can share them and inspire others! Technically this aspect is free regardless if you purchase or not, but we think it's important to let you know that you have us as a resource :)

More Details:

Made with 100% Food-Grade silicone that surpasses the FDA requirements and meets the LFGB (European Standard) requirements!  Basically it's made with high end silicone and...

- Absolutely NO FILLERS - Guaranteed!!!

Easy to use and even easier to clean!  Wash by hand with warm water and dish soap or rinse and place in top rack of dishwasher.  

- Offered in orange color and a clear color.

- Clear (no color) means no colorant was added to the silicone - so if you're looking for the most natural state for silicone bakeware then clear is for you!

- Dimensions: Pan 13.5" x 7.5" x 1" Weight: 232g (8.2 oz)  Each Cavity Size 1.5" x 4" & 1" deep.


  • Bars are portioned out into 12 individual bars so no cutting required.
  • Granola bars stick together better since they formed individually - no more bars that fall apart from cutting them. 
  • Fill Lines - inside of each cavity are fill guide lines to help portion out the mix evenly.  
  • No Liners or non-stick spray needed because of the inherent non-stick property of pure food-grade silicone.
  • Plus the surface is buffed to a shine to enhance the natural non-stick surface of silicone.
  • Designed with structural bridges so the pan isn't floppy like other silicone bakeware!
  • Added Bonus: it's fun and easy to get kids involved in making homemade granola bars with the Granola Bar™ Pan!  Almost all the recipes are simple, don't require getting out the Mixer and don't make a huge mess!

Have questions? 

Check out our FAQ's Blog Post or email us at

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