Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color
Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color
Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color
Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color
Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color
Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color
Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color

Granola Bar™ Pan: Orange Color

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The Granola Bar™ Pan is like a cupcake pan but designed for granola bars. The pan has 12 individual cavities to bake, refrigerate or freeze homemade granola bars.

The Granola Bar™ Pan is designed to simplify and improve granola bar making for EVERYONE. Simply fill each cavity with the granola bar mixture of your choice to bake, refrigerate or freeze. Within moments, 12 perfectly even shaped granola bars are effortlessly released from its non-stick food-grade silicone surface for you, your friends, and family to enjoy.

What You Get:

- One (1) Granola Bar™ Pan

- Seven (7) Digital Recipe Cards - MUST PROVIDE EMAIL ADDRESS when checking out so we can email these recipe cards to you.  (Your email address will only be used to send you the digital recipe cards and to communicate with you about your order unless you choose to opt in for other marketing related emails.) 


Made with 100% Food-Grade silicone that surpasses the FDA requirements and meets the LFGB (European Standard) requirements!  Basically it's made with high end silicone and...

- Absolutely NO FILLERS - Guaranteed!!!

Easy to use and even easier to clean!  Wash by hand with warm water and dish soap or rinse and place in top rack of dishwasher.  

- Offered in orange color and a clear color - which means no colorant was added to the silicone for the clear color - so if you're looking for the most natural state for silicone bakeware then clear is the choice for you! 


  • Bars are portioned out into 12 individual bars so no cutting required.
  • Granola bars stick together better since they formed individually - no more bars that fall apart from cutting them. 
  • Fill Lines - inside of each cavity are fill guide lines to help portion out the mix evenly.  
  • No Liners or non-stick spray needed because of the inherent non-stick property of pure food-grade silicone.
  • Plus the surface is buffed to a shine to enhance the natural non-stick surface of silicone.
  • Designed with structural bridges so the pan isn't as floppy as other silicone bakeware - we don't do floppy silicone!
  • Added Bonus: it's fun and easy to get kids involved in making homemade granola bars with the Granola Bar™ Pan!  Most recipes are simple, don't require getting out the Mixer and don't make a huge mess!  


The concept for the Granola Bar™ Pan was thought of back in 2012 by a mom looking for an easier way to make healthier granola bars for her family instead of buying store bought granola bars.  She set her product idea aside as she spent the following years focusing on having kids and raising her family.  In 2018 she and her husband decided to take her idea for the Granola Bar™ Pan and see what they could make of it.  Now she is finally living her dream of taking one of her product ideas from concept to market and this is all very exciting for her.